Here you will find detailed information on the entire process of selecting third-country candidates that we will carry out on your behalf:


1. The customer must fill in a questionnaire and a third-country recruitment application.

2. In order to select Kyrgyz candidates for permanent employment:

We must be given a notarized power of attorney before we can represent the client in front of  all state institutions, including the Employment Agency, the Internal Ministry, Migration, wherever necessary.

3. After completing a market survey for lack of staff in our client's field of activity, we need to justify to the Employment Agency why we want to open a third country work position.

4. Meanwhile, we submit to the client candidates with all necessary documents for approval by him, after their approved is prepared by the Employer employment contract, which is submitted by us to the Employment Agency together with all other required documents.

5. The condition that in the previous 12 months the total number of foreign nationals working for the local employer does not exceed 20 per cent of the average number of Bulgarian citizens with employment rights and with their rights as well as for small and medium enterprises within the meaning of Art. 3, para. 1, item 1 of the Small and Medium Enterprises Act - 35 per cent.

6. The Employment Agency shall, after entering the necessary documents for issuing a permit, issue the same by the 20th day. The fee that is paid in case of disapproval is not refundable and it is 100 BGN.

7. The Employer is obliged, under the Law on Hiring Aliens of Third Countries, to pay the way to and from Bulgaria to the alien and to provide him with a residence for residence under the labor contract.

8. The payment of the person shall not be lower than that of the Bulgarian workers.

9. Upon the start of the service, a 30% advance payment is required.



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